Kokua Policies and Procedures

Table of Contents

Policy 1.0: Mission, Vision & Admission Process

Mission Statement, Vision, Admission, Nondiscrimination, Discharge, Services, Referral Process, Intake Process, Phase 1: New client pre-intake, Phase 2: Intake: Phase 3: Preparation for move-in, Phase 4: Welcome & follow-up, Intra-Agency Move/Reconfiguration

Policy 1.1: Agency Structure & Chain of Authority

Chain of Authority, Designation of Authority, Organizational Chart

Policy 1.15: Reporting and Investigation of Allegations of Improper Activity

Reporting Responsibility, No Retaliation, Acting in Good Faith, Confidentiality, Executive Director’s Duty, Financial Committee, Investigation Procedures

Policy 1.2: Confidentiality

Client Records, Employee Records, Confidentiality

Policy 1.25: Gift Acceptance Policy

Gifts To Kokua That May Be Accepted by Executive Director, Gifts That Require Review and Acceptance by the Board, Donor Bill of Rights, Acknowledgment and Reporting of Gifts, Investment of Gifts

Policy 1.3: Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interest, Procedures for Avoiding Conflicts of Interest, Conflict of Interest After Date of Hire

Policy 1.4: Medicaid False Claims Act

False Claims Act Policy

Policy 1.5: Public Information Disclosure and Dissemination

Kokua is a Nonprofit Organization, Documents Made Available upon Request, Documents Available On-Line, Procedures for Requesting Documents

Policy 2.0: Abuse or Neglect

Respectful Treatment, Abuse, Physical Abuse, Verbal, Mental or Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, Neglect or Abandonment, Financial Exploitation, Injury of Unknown Origin, Assault of Staff by a Client, Termination Due to Abuse of Client, Employee Training on Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment & Exploitation, Attachment A: Examples of Types of Abuse, Attachment B: Anti Abuse Statement, Attachment C: Definitions

Policy 2.1: Reporting of Abuse, Neglect or Mistreatment

Mandatory Reporting, Reporting Abuse, RCS & APS Investigations, Emergency Protection of Clients, Protection of Physical Evidence, Cooperation with APS Investigation, Incident Reporting, Reporting of Critical Incidents

Policy 2.15: Incident Reporting to the Developmental Disabilities Association

Incident Reporting, Incidents Requiring Phone Call to DDA Within One Hour, Incidents Requiring Phone Call to DDA During Business Hours, Incidents Requiring Incident Report Within One Business Day, Incidents Requiring Incident Report Per Kokua Policy Only

Policy 2.2: Emergency Procedures

On-Call System, On-Call Procedure, Reimbursement for On-Call, Incident Report for Emergencies, Medical Emergency, Client Involvement with Law Enforcement, Missing Person, Fire Emergency, Fire Drills, Other Emergency, Team Emergency Plans, Agency Emergency Plan

Policy 2.25: Internal Investigation Procedures

Internal Investigations, Investigative Procedures, Securing Evidence, Investigation Outcome

Policy 2.3: Positive Behavior Support

Provide a Respectful Environment, Encourage Autonomy, Positive Behavior Support Plans, Negative Consequences are Forbidden, Redirection, Handling Physical Aggression

Policy 2.4: Medication Procedures

Responsibility for Medication Procedures, Training Requirements, Supervision of Clients who cannot Independently Self-Medicate, Medication Incidents, Medication Procedures, Monitoring of PRN Medications, Self-Medication, Medication Refusals, Storage of Medications, Disposal of Unused Medications, Over the Counter Medications, When a Client is no Longer Able to Self-Medicate Safely

Policy 2.45: Psychoactive Medications

Purpose of Psychoactive Medications, Referral to a Psychiatrist, Psychoactive Medication Treatment Plans, Monitoring and Review of Psychoactive Medications, Positive Supports, Exceptions to Policy

Policy 2.5: Client Health Care

Annual Examinations, Face Sheet, Documentation of Medical Visits

Policy 2.6: Procedures for Client Finances

Clients Without Guardians, Financial Consent Form, Checking/Savings Accounts, Individual Financial Plan, Client Account, Safeguarding Client Funds, Damage to Staff Property, Checking Account/Cash Transaction Procedures

Policy 2.7: Client Rights

Client Rights, Kokua Statement of Rights

Policy 2.75: Client Grievance Policy

Policy 2.80 Client Refusals

Policy 2.85: Quality Assurance

Policy 2.9 Health & Safety 

Health & Safety in the Home, Assessment of Home Safety, Response to Health & Safety Issues, Health & Safety Check Systems, Employee Safety Training, Responding to Accidental Ingestion, Unmet Health & Safety Needs

Policy 2.95 Pandemic Policy

Identification of Personnel, Remote Work, Infection Control

Policy 3.0: Employee Employment and Training

Non-Discrimination in Employment, At Will Employment, Voluntary Resignation, Layoffs, Leaving Employment, DSHS Background Inquiry, FBI Background Inquiry, Renewal of Background Inquiry, Requirements for the Use of Motor Vehicles, Evaluation of Motor Vehicle Records, Training Period, Required Training, Team Meetings

Policy 3.1: Salary and Benefits

Pay Periods, Pay Scale, Overtime, Reimbursement for Community Integration Activities, Fringe Benefits, Timesheets, Direct Deposit

Policy 3.15: Staff Scheduling

Health and Safety, Staffing Flexibility, Mandatory Shift Changes, Overtime Approval, Staffing Schedules, Staffing Shortages, Employee Emergencies, Request for Change of Schedule, Job Openings

Policy 3.2: Employee Conduct

Employee Demeanor, Employee Dress & Grooming, Non-Tolerance of Sexual Harassment, Alcohol & Drugs, Smoking Areas, Personal Meals & Drinks, Gifts, Client Telephone, Personal Cell Phones, Scheduled Shifts, Religion, Relationships with Clients, Volunteers, Attachment A: Code of Ethics

Policy 3.3: Employee Leave

Employee Leave, Leave for Team Leaders, Family & Medical Leave, Shared Leave, Unpaid Leave of Absence, Jury Duty, Unpaid Military Leave, Paid Military Leave

Policy 3.4: Employee Safety

Employee Safety, Employee Safety Training, Employee Injury or Illness, Return to Work, Accident Prevention Program

Policy 3.45: Preventing Workplace Violence

Definitions and warning indicators, Safe Work Environment, Weapon-Free Workplace, Reporting Situations of Disruptive Behavior or Threats, Keeping the Workplace Secure, Employee Assistance Program, Responding to Workplace Violence

Policy 3.5: Employee Performance

Employee Performance Evaluations, Poor Employee Performance, Employee Discipline, Serious Policy Violations

Policy 3.6: Work Team Performance

Self-Directed Work Teams, Work Team Training, Work Team Performance, Disciplinary Process for Work Teams

Policy 3.7: Employee Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure, Appeal of Grievances, Documentation of Grievance Process, Grievances Related to Executive Director

Policy 3.75: Employee Mediation Procedure

Mediation Procedure, Mediation is a Voluntary Process, Parties Needing Mediation, Documentation of the Mediation Process

Policy 3.8: Use of Agency Vehicles

Agency Vehicles, Safety Rules, Maintenance, Accidents, Loss of Driving Privileges

Policy 3.9: Use of Agency Computers

Agency Guidelines for Computer Use, Access to Confidential Data, Computer Maintenance & Security

Policy 3.91: Use of Social Media

Use of Kokua Logo or Proprietary Material, Use of Social Media that Affects Kokua, Professional Boundaries with Clients, Violations of Social Media Policy

Policy 3.92: Use of Therap Software and Kokua Laptop Computers

Policy 3.93: Use of Kokua-Assigned Cell Phones

Policy 3.95: Records Retention

Intent of this Policy, Nonprofit Status, Business Records, Employment Records, Client Records, Electronic Records, Document Destruction, Suspension of Records Retention Schedule in the Event of a Claim, Lawsuit, Government Investigation, Subpoena or Other Ongoing Matters

Policy 4.0: Fiscal Management

Responsibility for Financial Oversight, Separation of duties, Appointment of an outside Accounting Firm, Insurance Coverage, Cash receipts, Cash Disbursements, Checks, Petty Cash, Staff CI Funds, Bank Reconciliations, Payroll, Inventory, Leases, Insurance, Grants & Contracts, Annual Agency Budget, IRS Form 990, Accounts Receivable, Audit, Fiscal Agent Status, Kokua Client Account, Business Visa Account, Appendix A: Separation of Duties.