Kokua has a Board of Directors composed of at least 8 but no more than 15 individuals. The Board meets at least quarterly. Subcommittees of the Board meet on a schedule designated by the Board as a whole.

Kokua has an Executive Director who reports directly to the Board of Directors. The Executive Director supervises the Service Coordination Team, the Office Management Team, the Support Team and the Residential Teams. The Service Coordination Team oversees the quality of client services. The Office Management Team oversees the day to day running of the agency. The Residential Teams provide direct support services to clients. The Support Team focuses on providing services that enhance the clients’ quality of life.


The Officers of the Corporation are appointed by the Board. The Executive Director is designated as the President and the Treasurer of the corporation. In the event of a planned absence, the Executive Director may delegate to the Vice President such tasks as may be necessary to maintain daily operations. In the event of the unplanned absence of the Executive Director (illness, injury, death, etc.) the Vice President, under supervision of the Board, will serve as the Acting Director until such time as the Board appoints a new Executive Director.

Revised 2/2/09

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