Kokua Services

Fax: (360) 705-4654

Address: 1226 Carpenter Rd SE, Suite B-1, Lacey, WA 98503

Executive Director, Sean Bonneprise, 360-890-1112, sean@kokuaservices.org

Client Programs Director, Marsha Blair, 360-701-3954, marshab@kokuaservices.org

Intensive Support Manager, Liz Crittenden, 360-485-2996, lizc@kokuaservices.org

Client Service Coordinators:

Scheduling and Quality Assurance Coordinators:

Life Enrichment Team:

  • Independent (Less-than-24-Hour Support) Coordinator- Katie Anagnost, 360-764-3123, katie@kokuaservices.org
  • Community Engagement Coordinator – Emily Burns, 360-764-3133, emilyb@kokuaservices.org

Business Operations Coordinator, Bennilyn Deocares, 360-995-2371, bennilyn@kokuaservice.org

Financial Coordinator, Jessie McDonnell, 360-878-2256, jessie@kokuaservices.org

Financial Coordinator, Tracie Dutton, 360-481-9315, tracied@kokuaservices.org

Administrative Assistant, Cece Fontaine, 360-968-4079, cece@kokuaservices.org

Intensive Support Specialist, Victoria Sablan, 360-878-0738, victoria@kokuaservices.org

Human Resources Coordinator, Cari Richardson, 360-790-5892, cari@kokuaservices.org

Benefits and Claims Coordinator, Misha Tarvin (360)764-3154,  misha@kokuaservices.org

Community Programs Director, Randi Miller, 360-789-3879,  randi@kokuaservices.org

Community Programs Coordinator, Evangeline Poulos, 901-857-0401, evangeline@kokuaservices.org

Health Coordinator, Cody Lincoln, 360-764-3059, codyl@kokuaservices.org

Healthcare Advocate, Michael Barton, 360-764-9757, michaelb@kokuaservices.org

Healthcare Advocate, Irma Scheinost, 360-764-3139, irmas@kokuaservices.org

Client Enrichment Coordinator, Meredith Magee, 360-870-4094, meredith@kokuaservices.org

Scheduling Coordinator, Priscilla Collins, 360-904-7458, priscillac@kokuaservices.org

Training Manager, Shelley Carignan, 360-764-3131, shelleycar@kokuaservices.org

Training Specialists:

Rebecca Anderson,360-968-0574, rebeccaa@kokuaservices.org

Jackie Famaw, 360-968-4127, jacklynf@kokuaservices.org

Mady Goodwin, 360-890-6457, madelineg@kokuaservices.org

Amie Sternberg, 360-890-6363, amies@kokuaservices.org

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911. After calling 911, Kokua 24 Hour ON-CALL can be reached at 360-790-5916. To report suspected abuse or neglect, call 800-562-6078. For non-emergent agency inquiries, please use our contact form.