List of employee policies

Employees – Policy 3.6

A. SELF-DIRECTED WORK TEAMS All employees work as members of self-directed work teams. All teams should use the Kokua Code of Ethics negotiating ground

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Employees – Policy 3.5

A. EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS All employees are members of work teams.  Team members should receive a performance evaluation at least every 18

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Employees – Policy 3.45

PREVENTING WORKPLACE VIOLENCE Definitions: Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, yelling, using profanity, waving arms or fists, verbally abusing others,

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Employees – Policy 3.3

A. EMPLOYEE LEAVE Effective January 1, 2011, the formula for leave accrual changes to the formula outlined below. Employees who have accrued

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Employees – Policy 3.2

A. EMPLOYEE DEMEANOR Staff are expected to address each other with respect and to maintain a professional demeanor while at work. B.

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Employees – Policy 3.15

A. HEALTH AND SAFETY Kokua is required by WAC and contract to maintain staffing levels which are adequate to implement the goals

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Employees – Policy 3.1

A. PAY PERIODS Pay periods run from the first through the last day of each month. Paydays are the 10th of the

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Employees – Policy 2.8

It is important for a residential service agency to receive regular input from outside the agency in order to remain healthy and

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Employees – Policy 2.75

A. It is the philosophy of Kokua that all clients have the right to pursue a grievance with Kokua for any reason.

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Employees – Policy 2.7

A. CLIENT RIGHTS Individuals receiving services from Kokua have the same rights enjoyed by other individuals in the community. All new clients

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