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Employees – Policy 2.9

Revised July 2012 A.  HEALTH AND SAFETY IN THE HOME All clients served by Kokua have the right to maintain their home

Employees – Policy 2.92013-03-27T15:03:35-07:00

Employees – Policy 3.4

TITLE: EMPLOYEE SAFETY POLICY 3.4 Revised Nov 2013 A.  EMPLOYEE SAFETY Kokua is committed to assuring the health and safety of all

Employees – Policy 3.42017-03-21T13:44:56-07:00

Employees – Policy 3.91

This policy is meant to clarify Kokua’s expectations regarding employees’ use of social media. Examples of social media would include, but are

Employees – Policy 3.912014-03-26T16:18:33-07:00

Employees – Policy 3.0

 (Revised 10/2014) A. NON-DISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT Kokua is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate in any employment actions based upon

Employees – Policy 3.02014-10-23T11:37:08-07:00

Employees – Policy 4.0

  TITLE:  FISCAL MANAGEMENT    POLICY 4.0 Rev. July 2015 PURPOSE AND SCOPE: This policy outlines the procedures Kokua uses to ensure sound

Employees – Policy 4.02015-12-09T15:47:06-08:00

Employees – Policy 3.95

A. Intent of This Policy This policy is intended to ensure the retention of all records for which there is a regulatory,

Employees – Policy 3.952011-10-25T16:27:05-07:00

Employees – Policy 3.9

A. AGENCY GUIDELINES FOR COMPUTER USE Kokua provides computers for specified employees to be used in the performance of their job duties.

Employees – Policy 3.92011-10-25T16:27:05-07:00

Employees – Policy 3.8

A. AGENCY VEHICLES Only employees of Kokua are authorized to drive vehicles owned by Kokua. Company vehicles are to be driven for

Employees – Policy 3.82012-03-22T16:58:25-07:00

Employees – Policy 3.75

A. MEDIATION PROCEDURE If two or more employees are finding it difficult or impossible to work together cooperatively in a team environment,

Employees – Policy 3.752012-03-22T16:56:12-07:00

Employees – Policy 3.7

A. GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE If an employee or group of employees disagrees with a work-related decision of management or if the employee(s) believe

Employees – Policy 3.72011-10-25T16:27:05-07:00