Kokua Services

Phone : (360) 705-4665

Fax: (360) 705-4654

Address: 1226 Carpenter Rd SE, Suite B-1, Lacey, WA 98503

Executive Director, Sean Bonneprise, ext 105

Development Director, GP Dempsey, ext 124

Intensive Support Program Director, Susan Zarenski, ext 103

IS Program Assistant, Harmony Huey, ext 101

Scheduling Coordinator, Cece Fontaine, ext 123

Client Service Coordinators:

Sisi Gillispie, ext 127

Lisa Carlisle, ext 128

Elijah Dungan, ext 118

Jonathan Gilfoil, ext 100

Traci Glenn, ext 106

Business Operations Coordinator, Bennilyn Deocares, ext 107

Financial Coordinator, Abi Marchese, ext 121

Financial Specialist, Jessie McDonnell, ext 110

Administrative Assistant, Sally Lewis, ext 104

Human Resources Representative, Cari Richardson, ext 108

Community Programs Coordinator, Randi Miller, ext 120

Communications Coordinator, Amy Briggs, ext 102

Health Coordinator, Philomina Varghese, ext 117

RN: Jill Landry, ext 130

Client Enrichment Coordinator: Meredith Magee, ext 119

Training Coordinator: Alycia Hitchcock, ext 122

Training Specialist: Victoria Sablan,  ext 125

VISTA Volunteer: Grant Younger, ext 129

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911. After calling 911, Kokua 24 Hour ON-CALL can be reached at 360-790-5916. To report suspected abuse or neglect, call 800-562-6078. For non-emergent agency inquiries, please use our contact form.